Extreme Effect - Presets

Presets in general

When ExEf is installed, it comes with the default config file plus some example config files. Here you can find some more. These include some complete config files - they are intended for playing e.g. distorted/clean guitar. You can also use column config files - they represent only one channel, so you can build your own combination of channels.

How to install and use

Download the desired archive and unpack it anywhere. Copy the contents to your ~/.ExEf/configs/ directory. Now the new presets are installed and available. If you want the new presets to be used by anyone, copy the contents to /usr/share/ExEf/configs.
Each user then needs to copy these files to their ~/.ExEf/ directory, now this can be done with Update Effects button.
Load a file using Load Config / Load Active Channel, or see Advanced Execution.

Upgrading ExEf

When you upgrade ExEf, it may come with a new set of presets. These become installed into /usr/share/ExEf/configs. For easy use, copy them into ~/.ExEf/configs/ directory. The .ExEfrc file should come directly into ~/.ExEf/ directory. These presets should be better than the old ones, so you can overwrite the old ones. But don't overwrite your own precious presets!

Presets download

Click a preset archive to download.

Robotic voices

Solo/Lead Guitars! GREAT!

The whole package, including valve simulation! GREAT!

C'mon! Send me your presets here!